My Journey (illusorynirvana) wrote,
My Journey

Embracing Wholeness/Emptiness

There seems to be so much of ourselves that we cut off because of labels we have given ourselves. I saw an article by a woman about women's issues and then I realised that every article that I've ever read from her was about women's issues. She was a feminist writer, which is great. However, what about those parts of her which has nothing to do with a feminist? That got me thinking.
Aren't we doing ourselves a disservice by only aligning ourselves with our self-labels? I am so fragmented (not in a neurotic way though..i think!)that I wonder sometimes whether there is even a proper entity called 'me' that supposedly lurks within.

The body reacts in particular ways, based on its tendencies. I flinch automatically if I feel something is going to hit me, my heart pumps, my eyes blink, stress makes me sweat. Even the emotional reactions that I have to things seem to be but tendencies of the mind-body. I have patterns of behaviour which plays itself out. It then seems that much of everyday life is on autopilot. We think we are so involved in what is happening, that we are directing this ship, but the truth it seems, is far from it.

The instruction in the non-dualist path is to recognise that what is going on, is going on, on its own. There is a sense of liberation in this, a feeling of liberating-emptiness. There is also a feeling of vastness. Every process, mental and physical, seems like the act of breathing - inhalation and exhalation - without a breather. Like a swinging door without rooms on either side.
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