My Journey (illusorynirvana) wrote,
My Journey

Learning to stay

Learning to stay and make friends with oneself is probably the best lesson I have been getting in recent days. We all have this background hum of uneasiness that lurks beneath, always threatening to erupt. Whether it is the urge to switch channels, check Facebook for the umpteenth time or an uncontrollable reaction to particularly nasty personal email, they are differing degrees of the same underlying substance. Sometimes it’s just like the vague buzz of humming bee and other times it is a raging river that leaves us searching for ground beneath and gasping for air. And we have all learnt to push it away in our own peculiar ways. I am coming to realise that our difficult emotions that we experience are not the problem which lies at the root of things. These difficult emotions – of anger, of anxiety, of craving and countless others - are strategies that we have adopted. Yes, these emotions are our own unconscious strategies that we are using to cover-up a more basic sense of being “not-ok”.
Learning to stay with the uneasiness, to accept it, to be willing to fully experience it, with kindness and without judgement is the first step towards being whole. Are we willing to become our own best friend?
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