My Journey (illusorynirvana) wrote,
My Journey

Rapid Planning Method - Tony Robbins

Rapid Planning Method – 31 August 2013.

Step 1 – Capture and Organise
Step 2 Create an R (Results) (Purpose) M (Massive action) Plan (RPM Plan)
3 Questions
What do I really want? Results
Why do I want it ? Purpose
What do I need to do? Massive action plan
3 Actions
- Resolve your musts -20% which makes 80% of difference – leave out others.
- Minimum/Maximum times -
- Leverage – share the outcome with people we are working with and get them to do
Step 3 – Commit and Schedule – Plan weekly and plan the night before
Step 4 – Complete (the MUSTS for the outcomes) and Achieve
Step 5 – Celebrate the success of the day and week
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