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Priye Charusheele

Jayadeva began composing the tenth sargam of this 19th prabandham, which begins with ‘Chathura Chathurbhuja’, the four arms of the Lord.

In this, Jayadeva narrates the condition of Krishna when Krishna approached RAdha soliciting her love and proximity giving her the best of amorous words, ‘AthrAntare masruNaroshavasAth….’

Jayadeva so identifies with Krishna's emotion when he calls out to his beloved Radha “Priye ChAruseele’ in despair and he repeats the line over and over again in utter ecstasy and completes six stanzas. When he finishes the seventh stanza, he looks at what he has written and is shocked at his own expression.

“ smara garala Khandanam mama Sirasi mandanam, dehi pada pallavam udhAram. Jwalathi mayi dAruNo madana kadanAnalo, harathu thad*u pAhitha vikAram, priye chAruseele” It means, “RAdhe", place your foot on my head, a sublime flower destroying the poison of this love! Let your foot quell the harsh Sun, burning its fiery form in me; this tormenting Love! ??

Jayadeva tears the palm sheaves, and is highly distraught that he has committed a sin in writing that the Lord seeks a cowherdess to place her foot on His head! He tells PadmAvati that he is leaving for the river for a dip and meditation. Seeing him leave towards the river, PadmAvati returns to the kitchen to complete her routine. Within a few minutes, Jayadeva returns and asks PadmAvati to bring the palm sheaves, and completes the 19th ashtapadi and asks that lunch be served. After the lunch, he says to PadmAvati that he has some work at the temple and that he would return later.

A few more minutes later, Jayadeva returns with a sad face and walks in without having a word with PadmAvati. After a few minutes of prayer, he asks that the lunch be served! PadmAvati replies that she is unable to understand his behavior, and that she has finished the remains of the lunch that he had left over a little earlier and that there is no more food left. Confused, Jayadeva asks as to what happened. When PadmAvati explains that he had come earlier and finished the ashtapadi, Jayadeva jumps to look at the palm sheaves. The exact stanza that he had written earlier and that he tore off to shreds before going to the river was re-written in on a new palm sheave. Jayadeva realizes that it was none else than Lord Krishna himself who had come to his home and had given the most sought- after appearance – Darsanam – to the divine PadmAvati and had eaten her food. Jayadeva cries in ecstasy, falls at the feet of PadmAvati and completes the ashtapadi with the last stanza reading, ‘jayathu PadmAvati ramaNa jayadevakavi. BhAratee BhaNithamithi gItam’.

Jayadeva realizes then that PadmAvati was blessed to have the Supreme Lord’s presence and she was an amsam or an incarnation of the Lord Himself.
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